This is Part 6 of The History of WIKZ
Where Are They Now !
Air Personality Tenure at WIKZ Where are they now
Brad Flick 1978-1979 Mornings at Cat Country 106.7, Harrisburg, PA
C. David Bennett 1978-1981 Program Director at WINK, Fort Myers FL
Bill Matthews  on air 1978-1985
GM 1985-1994
In Real Estate, Chambersburg, PA, using real name Matt Kellam
Robin St. Christopher 1978-1980 Robin worked as an Engineer at WHTM-TV, Harrisburg, PA. He passed away in 2010.
David Blackwell 1980-1982 Deputy Managing Editor, Multimedia at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Chris McNeill 1978 Resides in Baltimore, MD
Jim Williams 1979-1983 Last known working in radio in Ohio
Paul Demeier 1978-1979 Continues to work in radio as Beau Richards
John Carmen 1978-1979 Is 'Paeson' Pellegrini, afternoons at WGTY, Gettysburg, PA Retired in late 2015
Steve Knight 1979-1980 Whereabouts unknown (not the Traffax guy)
Rick Merrick 1980-1983 Whereabouts unknown
Tom Edwards 1980 Owns Wright Advertising in York, Pa.
Kevin Scott 1980-1983 Worked in radio in Norfolk, Kansas City & Dallas, Whereabouts unknown
Jeffrey Paul 1979-1984 dj
1984-1987 news
Does sports talk using his real name Jeff Schiffman on WSBA, York, PA
Rick Alexander 1983-present Still going, Operations Manager and with Lisa Harding, host of the Rick & Lisa Morning Show on MIX 95.1
Chris Edwards 1980-1983 (wkends)
Worked for many years at DC101, Washington, DC. Is out of radio.
Pat Garrett November 1983 Is a nationally renowned voice talent
Beau Davis 1983-1985
Works as a drivers ed instructor in Frederick, MD
Mark Cannon 1984-1988 Works in sales in Northern California
Lisa Harding 1985-present Still going, and with Rick Alexander, host of the Rick & Lisa Morning Show on MIX 95.1
Dave Kirkpatrick 1985-1987
Computer network administrator at Chambersburg, PA Area School District. Dave returned for a short time to the MIX 95.1 staff as host of the 80's after 8
Kelly Buchanan 1986-1993 Worked at DC101 until 2002. She worked part-time at 98 Rock in Baltimore. She passed away in 2014.
Andy Shane 1988-1991 After having worked in New York City at Z-100 and WKTU, Andy is now an A & R man at Atlantic Records.
Chris Carpenter 1988-1991 Chris has his own mobile DJ service in the York, Pa. area.
John E. Quest 1991-1994 Living in California and working as an actor. Has appeared on the X-Files.
Jeff Naugle 1991-1994 Now known as Joe Black, Jeff works afternoons at Rocky 98.5 in York, Pa.
Garnet Stevens 1993-1995 Worked in Television production in Los Angeles.
Performed with Second City Improv for about a year and a half. Also worked as a Production Assistant with "The Man Show" and "South Park". Passed away in January 2015.
Lisa Matthews 1994-1997 Whereabouts unknown
Travis Tory 1994-1998 Larry "Chip" Boose passed away in November, 2004.
Candy Porter 1995-1996 Does middays at TK101, Pensacola, FL
Mike Ross 1996-2000 Is out radio and is now in banking in Missouri,
Courtney Foxx 1997-present Courtney had her first child in November 2004. She returned to middays fulltime in December 2014.
Nikki West 1997-1999 Now a full-time mother of two in Chambersburg, PA
Matt Scott 1998-2001 Works and lives in Harrisburg, PA
Dave Clark 1999 Whereabouts unknown
Artie Shultz 1999-present Still going, Artie is MIX 95.1's Imaging Director and takes you home on MIX 95.1 weekday afternoons from 2 til 6 pm.
Billy McCoy 1999-2001 Billy and his wife have 3 children and is a member of the US Army stationed in Europe.
J.P. McCartney 2001-2014 After having a minor stroke, JP left the air at Christmastime 2014. JP has recovered and retired on April 15, 2015 and is living in Carlisle Pa.
Carl Anthony 2001-2003 Passed away in January 2016.
Chuck Friese 1998-2009 Chuck is retired and living in Chambersburg.
Michael Ford 1980s Now owns 2 radio stations in Valdosta, Georgia
Keith Jackson 2000's Keith works using his real name Kyle Rogers at WHSV-TV, in Harrisonburg Virginia as a TV news anchor.
Lisa Kline -2016 Lisa retired in 2016 to become a full time stay at home mom.
Ryan Metzer 2015-present Ryan joined MIX part time in 2015. He was promoted in March, 2017 to full time status.
Evan Torres 2017- Evan joined the MIX 95.1 news team part time in 2017

Thanks for making MIX 95.1 part of your life !
This has been the history of WIKZ ...
We look forward to a long future serving you on MIX 95.1 !

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