WIKZ, Chambersburg, Hagerstown, Waynesboro has served the 4 State Region since 1977. From WIKZEE 95 to MIX 95.1, WIKZ is the 4 State's #1 for Music and Fun !  Thanks for sharing your memories of WIKZ.
"I stumbled upon your website today, and I have to say it is very impressive!  I was especially surprised when I clicked on "History of WIKZ" and heard myself on an air check. You see, I was one of the original DJ pioneers in the transition from WCHM to WIKZ.  In fact, it was on my show that WIKZ went from 3 kilowatts to 50 kilowatts... ah, the memories...  I wish you all continued success in your next 25 years!"
... Christopher Shearer (a.k.a. - Robin St. Christopher)

"I started listening in 5/6 th grade after a trip to the station with the girl scouts.  I remember one year I did jump rope for heart and Kevin Scott was there. Worst Jumper I've EVER met! Keep up the good work. I'm 36 and still listening."
... Julie Wolford

"This is a great web site.  I have followed this station since it's birth.  I am proud to say I listen to your station.  It's really nice to once again hear my brother, David Kirkpatrick, back on the air.  Thanks for the Memories."
... Angela Kirkpatrick

"Back in 1987 our church's youth group wanted to help raise oney for a certain type of physical therapy machine that we knew some area folk needed to use.  We called on WIKZ 95 and set up a basketball game to be held at Forbes Road Highschool.  WIKZ 95 supplied their team,  "the WIKZ Wonders". We had so much fun playing that game and were able to help buy that machine for the Fulton County Medical Center.  (I still have that basketball game on a video tape)"
... Becky Ford

"Hi! Just wanted to thank you. I won a huge GE microwave in 1985 from the Z-95 supercard contest. It was very appropriate at the time as I was just getting married! Anyway, almost 20 years and two kids later, the microwave is still going strong. It lasted longer than the husband! It takes it a bit longer to cook....(old age)! My mother and dad got me a new one for Christmas which is very nice. Any suggestions for the antique?? I almost hate to part with it!! Maybe you want it for the Z-95 museum???!!
... Kim McLaren

"Wow, where would I even begin since I remember jamming to WIKZ 95 for many years starting in 1979.   As I attended girls camp in Chambersburg every summer for ten years as a camper, counselor, and assistant director.   Not to mention my excitment of meeting Rick Merrick in Martinsburg working at our neighboorhood radio station in the summer of 1983.  Then, I heard his voice as I was traveling from Reading to Chambersburg one summer evening.   Yes, I am still a very loyal listener every morning and 80's at 8 since I first listened to the '80's on your radio station.   Thank you for being around even after my days are memories of Chambersburg as a teenager are fading with Camp Robin Hood closed now." 
... Sally Lang Thomas

"Hey!  Where is Tom Edwards on the part time list?  By golly I did morning drive news on WIKZ/WCHA from March 1980, (While Still in college at Shippensburg) to Sept 1980 when I got into the WIKZ Sales Dept.  I left WIKZ in June of 1983 and went to WARM-FM in York.  I stayed there until 1996 and started my own Ad Agency, Wright Advertising, which is still going strong.  There are stories, but none which I can tell here.  I worked with the gang that is listed on Winter 1980.  The audio you provided really brought back some memories."
... Tom Edwards

"I can't remember exactly what year it was. Sometime between 1986 and 1989. It was the first day of summer vacation and my cousin Nikki had spent the night before at my house. We had got up early than we planned  and turned on the radio to listen to some jams. Alexander and Harding were having a contest, "Sing For Your Song". We called and sang "La Isla Bonita" by Madonna and we won!"
... Scarlett Scott

"I have been listening to Z-95 since I was teenager in the early 80's, or should I say Wikzee 95. There was nothing I'd do in the morning before I turned on Alexander and Harding, not even go to the bathroom. They got me up for school and out and ready for the school day. I am now an adult and I still listen to Z-95. Keep up the good work guys. Love ya."
... Paula Jean Schell

"Hey mix 95.1! Congrats on 25 awesome years!!! You guys are the best! I've been a faithful listener for 19 years and have enjoyed all the personalities that have graced your station ever since. You guys play my favorite songs each and every day! Keep up the great work and Happy 25th anniversary! Mix 95.1 RULES!!"
... Tim Jones

"Oh Good Lord, Rick.  Where did you dig up that awful aircheck from 1978. I was young and stupid and I had hair. Much has changed. I now have no hair. Congrats on 25 years of surviving what Bill Matthews and I started so many years ago."
... C. David Bennett

"I worked part-time at Z-95, then New Mix 95 while a student at Shippensburg U.  I want to say I started about six months before the switch, and then worked until graduating in '93.  I remember long Sunday's on board-op for WCHA during Orioles games, and working overnights and weekend days at WIKZ.  I remember Chris Edwards and Johnny Quest, and even helping election coverage with Lisa in the news department.  Had a lot of great times but didn't stay in radio, Thanks for the memories !
... Jonathan Gabb

"I grew up listening to Z-95, with Rick Alexander, Bill Matthews, Chris Edwards, and I remember meeting Kevin Scott at the Franklin County Fair.  It was such a great station to tune into growing up.  The ultimate highlight came for me, when Chris Edwards hired and trained me to work for the Hot Rockin' Z!  It changed my life forever, and I'll be indebted to him for the rest of my life.  I've made so many friends at WIKZ that I can't begin to count them all, some who've moved on, and some still continue to bring you the hits.  Thanks for the memories, and thank you for a great career in radio. 
I love you all.
... Jeff Naugle (now Joe Bungee at 98.5 The Peak in York)

"I may be in a "Bigger" Market now but my fondest (and longest) memories of Radio and the best years of my life were right there in my hometown- working with the best people ever - - Happy 25th!  (But it's making me feel old!)
... Chris Edwards (now Shock at DC101 in Washington DC)

"I remember a pet contest WIKZ did in the mid 80's.  It took place at Hartzell Fence. Rick & Lisa hosted the event.  I remember how happy I was when my dog was awarded a prize (as the BULKIEST DOG )  WIKZ made me a very happy little girl.  That was just one of my many memories of WIKZ.  Thanks for them all."
... Doni Karn

"Hope things are going well at the station. The history of the station is very well done.  I love the airchecks from the past. I've worked in a lot of markets since Chambersburg but I can't say I ever worked at a station, radio or TV, that played such a pivotal role in its community. By the way, I was there from late 1980 to early 1982. My predecessor as News Director was Marie Daniels. I have no idea where she is. WIKZ/WCHA was my first broadcast job."
...David Blackwell

"Hi, I have been listening to this radio station since I moved to Chambersburg about 21 years ago. I remember winning the Christmas game. One year, not only myself, but both of my sisters, and two of my friends won $100.00 from different stores."
... Jane Bigler

"From WIKZ to Z-95 and MIX-95, I've always loved your music and programming.  Still listen to Alexander & Harding on my way to work and remember the days on my being a "part of the family"  while Garnet worked with you. You were always a great team and I wanted to congratulate you on giving us a great station on that 95 dial.  Best wishes for many more years!"
... Pat Edwards

"One of many memories I have of WIKZ is being selected years ago, along with my twin sister to be a "morning DJ".  It had to be close to 15 years ago.  If I remember correctly, it was a weekly thing you did at the station then.  I had written a letter explaining why I thought we should be picked to be "morning DJ's".  We had a blast.  We got to choose a McDonald's breakfast sandwich and had some orange juice too.  We got to read the weather and see how a radio station show is run.  It was very interesting!  I've listened to you two every day at work for the last 15 years or so.  You two are great!  We get such a kick out of your little arguments.  I have to say though, for the most part, I usually agree with Rick.  Not always, Lisa, but I tend to side with him.  I've enjoyed listening to Mix 95 so much.  You keep us updated on weather and local events.  The 9/11 coverage was outstanding and I really felt that you both cared deeply about that.  I've enjoyed listening to your stories about Jonathan over the years, and now about his hamster.  We have a hamster, so I can really relate!  I can't thank you enough for being there every weekday morning for the working audience.  You've lightened the mood in our office so many times!  Thanks for all the good memories over the years!  From Mix 95 Listener #212!"
... Dena R. Baer
I will never ever forget Rick and Lisa and what they did for my family and how the community came together and donated money for Shawn.  That day we were in the studio was so touching and emotional it will forever be in my memory.  Sorry I'm not much of a writer ... Thanks again so much

... Penny Guyer
Hands across America!   We were in the line with the "Z". Chris Edwards was great. I think Kelly Buchanan was there too. Thanks for the memories.

I moved from Greencastle to Belleville (Huntingdon Co) in 1979 with my 3 children to reunite with my husband. I had left the rest of my close knit family, from whom I had never been separated from and didn't know anyone there. But I could pick up WIKZ- 95 on my little clock radio and I listened everyday and at night when I couldn't sleep.  It was like I was still at home! I could hear familiar voices and hear the local news and it really helped me get through a difficult time.Thanks and keep up the good work !

I was babysitting and the kids were bored, so I called the radio station to ask about a tour. John Carmen (Pellegrini) was our tour guide. Everyone was just so nice and i kept going back up and eventually, I became friends with the crew at both WCHA and WIKZ. Anytime they sponsored an event I was there. 
... Lisa Kauffman

I am now sad to say this.....but here it goes! I won tickets to see New Kids On The Block from Z-95, when they were at the Hagerstown Fair Grounds. My first concert!
  Note from Rick: The new Kids were there with Tiffany. When they came, New Kids were still the opening act. Within weeks, New Kids Mania kicked in and Tiffaby was the opener.

What is farm boy doing?  His antics were a fun memory as well as your morning wake up calls to people.  I still have somewhere the tape of one wake up to a friend of mine that you called.
... Sherri Arrowood
  Farm Boy now works as a recruiter at HBC.

It was a friday evening back in 1989 me and my wife Cindy were sitting around the kitchen table and it was one of your games where you could win tickets to a concert. The question came on and you were giving to tickets to the City Island concert the Flock of Seagulls and another group which I can not think of there name and then the big group the Go Gos it was a great concert and I got really close to Belinda Carlisle we were three rows from the front of the crowd and it was a fantastic concert that I will never forget I had a great time that night and I always wanted to thank you for those tickets. Keep up the good work forever you have always been a good radio station just thanks for all the years of good music. 
... Barry Rotz
  Keep the memories coming.
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