Perry County Partiers

Good friends Paul and Beth, both experienced Perry County partiers.
George's idea for New Year's Eve was to drop himself off the roof at midnight. Nobody would to leave the bar to help. This dear friend passed away a few years ago at age 49. He is sorely missed.
Happy looking group, huh? My 50th birthday party. Two of them passed out and one hasn't been seen since.
More 50th celebs here. This little shindig lasted 3 days. The couple (left) survived and has since married. Good friend Tommy (far right) passed away at age 26. Aren't photo memories wonderful?
A knock on the door one Spring ..we thought gypsies had arrived to ransack the shop! These fun people turned out to be Danish students touring America for 2 months. They saw my 'Internet' sign and asked to access their e-mail. We taught them to pitch horseshoes. They stayed most of the day. If they'd only had room for me in the van ...
There's a story behind how 'Swamprat' wound up climbing up a pole. I'll leave that to your imagination.
My dearest friend Teresa and me at one of my cookouts. I call her Jeffy for her misdirected admiration of a certain Nascar driver.