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If you ever happen to travel off the main roads in rural Central Pennsylvania and find yourself in the back woods admiring the mountain scenery, streams, hills, hidden valleys, and bouncing over potholes, you're probably not far from me. You'll be thrilled with seeing deer, turkey and furry little animals running all over the place. The Amish buggys, road apples, it's all here. Notice the pick up trucks with primered fenders and mounted gun racks. This is all part of the charm and local flavour of where I make my home.

I'm Neil, aka wingee, and I live in this beautiful part of the country. Gorgeous rolling hills, farm land, and forests. It's dotted with small friendly towns, dairy farms, and hunting camps. Folks come here for the peace and serenity. Some of us are fortunate enough to live here and make life-long friends.

If you happen to spot this place, my house, just pull in and honk the horn and I'll start a pot of coffee. We folks are known for our hospitality. Just 127 more payments and this place will be all mine!

When I moved I took the house with me. Couldn't leave it! :)

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