Honest Wingee's Used Cars

    "We Got Wheels 'n we Make Deals"

    Buy here, Pay here, Get 'em fixed here. We do it all!
    We have what you want or we'll get it or you don't need it.
    All purchases covered by our infamous
    7 - 7 Warranty *

    CARS    dependable used cars
    '87 Chev Cavalier, 4 door, 3 cylinder, 325,000 easy miles, ready to roll $3599.
    '74 Ford Pinto, 2 door, gas tank removed for safety, 12 miles on speedo! $1999.
    '62 Corvair Coupe, low miles, lifetime supply of fan belts, great runner $4299.
    '99 Cadillac Eldorado, 200,000 miles, Wingee's personal repo, whatta car $44. down
    ..hundreds more gems to choose from

    TRUCKS    late model trucks
    '72 Ford Pickup, 460 engine, good gas mileage, gun rack, tailgate, gray $4699
    '66 Bread Truck, great bread hauler, 7 ton, heater, seat, doors, ready! $199
    '44 CJ Jeep, well maintained by mechanics in Iwo Jima, needs some TLC $3999
    .. more trucks coming soon as we get the tow truck fixed

    OTHER STUFF    other good stuff
    Tires: 200,000 to choose from, sizes to fit anything
    Boats: Hundreds! Some will float, some with motors $AVE HERE
    Motorcycles: Acres of cycles, Harleys, Indians, more
    Tools: Over a million! Whatever you need

    SERVICE    service with a smile
    Our friendly and qualified staff of techicians are ready to handle your every need.
    Small fee applies.

    PARTS    parts - some are good
    We have parts. Cans and cans full. Parts for everything.
    Looking for a radiator for that '31 Hupmobile? Try us.

    FINANCING    Wingee's cash cow
    On the spot financing available. All you need, in most cases, is cash or good credit.
    No Money Down!
    We add $1000 to the price, fake a $1000 downpayment, fools the bank every time.
    To assure your purchase send your downpayment now!

    TRADE-INS    trade-ins
    Push it in! Pull it in! Tow it in!
    Your trade-in is always worth $500! **

    NASCAR    Nascar
    Proud sponsor of the Harry Gant #33. To see Harry in action click here.
    Wouldn't you really rather drive a Buick? See Wingee for Buicks.

    Our helpful crew

    Phone 1-900-555-HAHA

    Hours: Here most of the time 'cept when we're not
    The Wingee Used Car Guarantee: Wingee guarantees his cars are well used.
    * Seven miles or seven minutes whichever comes first
    ** Add $1000 to the purchase price
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