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Former 13Q owner Cecil Heftel passed away on
February 4, 2010. Click on his picture for more.

In 1973, 13Q came on with a bang !
Answer your phone - I Listen To The New Sound of 13Q and win $13,000 !   Replacing WJAS at 1320 am, WKTQ became a force in Pittsburgh radio.  Buzz Bennett brought the "Q" format to Pittsburgh and it didn't take long to become one of Pittsburgh's top stations !
(click above for more on the 13Q Ca$h Call)

13Q TShirts from the Ray Zoller Collection page 3

13Q Airstaff at Jackson Armstrong's Wedding
Dennis Waters, Jessie, Batt Johnson, Bill Bland,
Sam Holman, Tom Bigbee
Jackson Armstrong, ?, ?
photo courtesy Bill Bland (former President of Heftel and 13Q)

13Q Great Safe Cracking Caper
Photos courtesy of Bill Bland (former President of Heftel and 13Q)

Photo courtesy of Bill Bland and Doug Greenlaw Memorabilia

In 1979, 13Q grew up. Jingles were added and 13Q became 1320 WKTQ

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