Chuck Brinkman

Audio of Chuck Brinkman welcoming the Beatles

Chuck Brinkman on KQV, March 1965 courtesy Art Vuolo.

Of all the members of the KQV airstaff, Chuck Brinkman was there the longest. Chuck worked in every time slot at KQV too.  From over-nights, to evenings, to afternoon drive to morning drive, and to mid-day.  Chuck first joined KQV in 1960.

Among the features on KQV when Chuck worked evenings were the KQV Disc Derby where he would play 3 songs and listeners would vote for which new song they preferred. There was also the 2 hitlines. Requests were taken and the top 5 songs would be played back. There was an early hitline and a late hitline.

In addition to his duties on KQV, Chuck also hosted a weekly tv show starting in 1966. "Come Alive was seen Saturday afternnons on WIIC-TV Channel 11.

Chuck moved from KQV to WTAE in 1972 for middays.  Around 1982, Chuck went across country to KOGO in San Diego.  After a short time on the West Coast, Chuck returned to Pittsburgh after a short interval to do mornings and PD at WHYW 96.9 (formerly WLOA and then WFFM). 

Chuck spent 17 years as the program director and afternoon drive personality at oldies,  KLUV-FM in Dallas, Texas. Chuck left KLUV on December 28, 2005. Chuck spent some time at 770 KAAM as well and as part owner at Friendlee 105.9 FM and 1400 AM.

Chuck was elected to the Pittsburgh Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in March, 2017.

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Chuck Brinkman passed away on August 24, 2018 at his home in Plano, Texas.

Chuck Brinkman KQV Jingle Montage

Chuck Brinkman and Dave Scott clap as The Beatles John Lennon enters the stage.
Steve Rizen is behind Chuck with his cowboy hat on.

Chuck in KQV studio.
Chuck in 1961 at KQV
Chuck in 1962 at KQV
Chuck in 1964 at KQV
Chuck in 1969 at KQV
Chuck in 1970 at KQV
Chuck in 1971 at KQV
picture courtesy of Bob Wood
Chuck in 1996 at KLUV Dallas

Chuck w/ Davy Jones
 Chuck in 2001 at KLUV Dallas
at KLUV Dallas
Chuck in 2002 at KLUV Dallas
Chuck in 2005 at KLUV Dallas
Chuck at KLUV Dallas - June 21, 2002
Chuck in 1965
Chuck in 1965
Bob Wood, Jay Davis, Chuck Brinkman, Jim Quinn 1971
picture courtesy of Bob Wood

KQV's Harry West (left), Sergio Mendes (center) and Chuck Brinkman (right)
with Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kitsko winner of dinner & Mendes Concert
(Billboard Magazine 4/26/1969)

Chuck Brinkman recieves gold record for Mungo Jerry's
"In The Summertime" from Janus Record's Nick Alborano.
(Billboard Magazine 12/12/1970)

Chuck Brinkman and Neil McIntyre with Jimmy Dean
(Billboard Magazine 7/06/1963)

(Billboard Magazine 8/16/1969)

Here is a copy of Chuck's letter to
 Beatles' Fan Cub members from August 1965.
(courtesy Marcy Grupp)
To see full size copy of fan club letter click here.

KQV Program Director John Rook as Best Man at Chuck Brinkman's Wedding.
(courtesy of John Rook)

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Tri-State TV Radio News Magazine
May 17 - May 23, 1965
KQV's Chuck Brinkman ... D.J. in the PM

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The Godfather of Soul, James Brown visited Pittsburgh's Civic Arena 11 times between 1966 and 1973. His first appearance was April 11, 1966. Above KQV's Chuck Brinkman interviews James Brown back stage at the Civic Areana.
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