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The KQV website has been on-line since May 1996. Now in our 18th year, we thank everyone who has already sent surveys, pictures, airchecks and jingles. Also thanks to so many of you for your memories and questions about KQV. If you have any KQV memorabilia in your collection please let me know, I'd love to display it here on this website. This site would not be successful with out your help.

Thanks to Adrian McCoy for the nice article in the August 21, 2002 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. And thanks to the everyone who has written to us. Click on the post-gazette link above to read the article.
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We are now looking for KQV playlists from 1958-1963 and from April 1973 - July 1974 (14K). If you can help, please contact me. Even if you have only hand written surveys from hearing the countdown on the air. This will be a tremendous help.
KQV Surveys from
This Week in History
KQV Top 40
October 10, 1959
#1 Mack the Knife -
Bobby Darin
KQV Finest 50 Tunedex
October 13 - 20, 1963
#1 Be My Baby -
The Ronettes
KQV Finest 40
October 13 - 19, 1964
#1 When I Grow Up - 
The Beachboys
KQV Finest 40
October 12 - 18, 1965
#1 A Lover's Concerto -
The Toys
KQV Finest 40
October 11 - 17, 1966
#1 Last Train To Clarksville -
The Monkees
KQV Official Finest 40
October 16 - 23, 1967
#1 To Sir With Love -
KQV Official Finest 40
October 14 - 20, 1968
#1 Fire - 
Crazy World Of Arthur Brown
KQV Hit Parade
October 17 - 24, 1969
#1 I Can't Get Next To You -
The Temptations
KQV Hit Parade
October 15 - 21, 1970
#1 I'll Be There -
The Jackson Five
KQV Hit Parade
October 13 - 19, 1971
#1 Yo Yo -
The Osmonds
KQV Hit Parade
October 10, 1972
#1 Nights In White Satin -
Moody Blues
KQV Master Playlist
October 15, 1974
#1 You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet -
Bachman Turner Overdrive
KQV Master Playlist
August 28, 1975
#1 Do It Any Way You Wanna    
Peoples' Choice 
KQV Survey Page 1958-1975
If you spent time standing outside the window at the corner of Walk and Don't Walk, perhaps you may have a snapshot you may have taken outside the studios. I am especially looking for pictures of the building with the KQV ABC logo or the KQV Taft logo above the studio window. Any pictures of the KQV personalities from personal appearances at Kennywood, West View Park, Burke Glenn Swim Club or anywhere else in Greater Pittsburgh would be appreciated.

We are looking for articles that may have appeared in Pittsburgh Newspapers and Magazines. Of course all tape recordings of the Fun Lovin Five you might have stored somewhere in an old shoe box would be gladly posted here. We are also looking for posters published in 1968 & 1969 and KQV book covers.

Former KQV Program Director John Rook is writing a book called "Passing Thru". Excerpts of the new book, plus other comments from John are now on line at

On June 7, 2003
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review's Dimitri Vassilaros
Wrote a column on former KQV Personality Jim Quinn
Click on the Tribune-Review logo to read about "Your Leader"

KQVehicle at 1963 United Way Miss Torch Parade
March on in !
Enjoy the memories of Fun Lovin' KQV

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