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While Chuck Brinkman was on vacation (December 13 - 17, 1965, WABC sent Bob Lewis to Pittsburgh for a week.It's on the KQV Aircheck page.
Special thanks to Aaron Mintz for this rarity.
Former KQV News Director Carl Eckels has sent us a group of pictures from his days at KQV from around 1971. Included are a picture of Carl in the KQV News Bureau, as well as pictures of Bob DeCarlo and Jon Summers in the studio. There are other pictures including an outside shot, a staff picture and a picture of KQV's receptionist Claudia Jarvis. Thanks Carl for your kindness.
Check out the Carl Eckels Collection.
What was this all about ?
Click on Lawrence Welk for details
Jim Quinn - November 1968
TV Radio Mirror Article
Jim Gearhart - July 1963
TV Radio Mirror Article
Pittsburgh Press Ad
January 23, 1968
Pittsburgh Press Ad
July 12, 1973

  Scripts from some of Al Julius' KQV Commetaries now appear here.
Courtesy of WT Koltek
Congratulations to the late Bob Wilson - A 2001 Inductee into the Nebraska Radio Personalities Hall of Fame for his work at Omaha's KOIL.
Congratulations to the late Gary Gears - Inducted into the Nebraska Radio Personalities Hall of Fame as a Legendary Performer in 2001
Congratulations to Fred Winston - Inducted into the Nebraska Radio Personalities Hall of Fame as a Legendary Performer in 2001
Congratulations to Kris Stevens - Inducted into the Nebraska Radio Personalities Hall of Fame as a Legendary Performer in 2002
Congratulations to Mike McCormick - Inducted into the Nebraska Radio Personalities Hall of Fame as a Legendary Performer in 2003
Larry Aiken's wife Suzanne sent in this
article on Larry Aiken and Rod Roddy.

Click on the picture
to see the full article.

Check out the Larry AIken Page !

KQV Appreciation Day 1960

Tuesday, August 23, 1960 was KQV Appreciation Day at West View Park.
The KQV deejays were on hand. Dave Scott, Henry DaBecco, Johnny McKinney, Larry Aiken, Rod Roddy & Dick Drury.  A Gigantic Stage Show at 8 PM featured big names like Bobby Vee, Dion & The Belmonts and many others.

Larry Aiken
What was it like to be Music Director at KQV?

Arnold Zeitlin of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

sat in with Larry Aiken on Music Day in 1960.

KQV's interpretation of American Pie.

One of the biggest songs of early 1972 was Don McLean's American Pie. Everybody had their own opinion of what Don McLean was singing about. KQV made their own interpretation of the meaning of the song.
It was available by mail and advertised on the February 1, 1972
KQV Hit Parade Survey.

Fabulous Five Plus One

In 1960, the KQV disk jockeys were known as the Fabulous Five Plus One. Radio Radiance 1410 On Your Dial, the Golden Voice of the Golden Triangle.

Check out the Ad from Pittsburgh newspapers on January 4, 1960

Win Fanning of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette wrote
articles on KQV's switch to Top 40 in 1958
KQV Preview
Call Letters
Fred Remington of the Pittsburgh Press
wrote articles on the building of KQV's
Showcase Studios
On June 18, 1997, Mary Anne Lewis of the Pittsburgh
Post Gazette wrote a story on this website.
On September 28, 1997, Francis Volpe of the
Carlisle Sentinel wrote a story on this website.
Special thanks to Mark Mervick for these posters
straight from the walls of the KQV lobby.

You Turn Us On Poster
(click on picture for larger view)

1972 Spring Festival of Rock Poster
(click on picture for larger view)

KQV had a special relationship with The Beatles.
Hal Murray at Beatles Concert
September 14, 1964
Complete Team Coverage of The Beatles Historic
Pittsburgh on theJohn Rook Page.
Civic Arena Press Conference
Chuck Brinkman, Dexter Allen and Bill Clark.
Keeve Berman in the KQV Studio.
plus Introductions from the Civic Arena Stage

Click above for this survey back

KQV Premiered The Beatles' Rubber Soul Album
on November 30, 1965
Airchecks from Aaron Mintz.

The KQVehicle

Dave Scott Page
Pictures from Jane Scott,
Dave Scott's Widow

Click on picture above for full size view
1962 KQV Studio
Courtesy Bob Mayben
KQV Studios Page

Click on picture above for full size view
1962 KQV Master Control
KQV Studios Page
In 1970 Edward L Blank, TV Radio Writer of the Pittsburgh Press
wrote a series of articles on Pittsburgh Area Radio Personalities.
Thanks to John Mehno & Edward Blank for sending these articles from their files.
(Thanks Ed for your permission to use these.)

 Personality Profiles of Chuck Brinkman, Henry DaBecco,
 Lynn Hinds, Jim Quinn, Carolyn Smith and Fred Winston

Edward L Blank
Read this article from Radio & Records Magazine on Bob DeCarlo's
Convention '72 record as The Delegates
R&R Article on Bob DeCarlo from August 1974

John Mehno did a great article on the first 80 years of KQV
in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review on August 8, 1999 !
On November 19, 1919, KQV celebrated it's 80th birthday.

Click above to read the Tribune Review article !
John provided us with this special interview with former KQVIP Chuck Brinkman that due to space limitations, was not available in the Tribune. Read it here

Richard Fatherly
The top 40 format was developed in Omaha by Todd Storz.
Read and hear how former members of the Storz Broadcasting
family helped ABC and KQV convert to top 40 in 1958.
Thanks to Richard Fatherly for this audio exhibit.

Click on Arrow to Visit KQV History Page

WQED featured a story on KQV in the Stuff That's Gone Video

It's here in streaming Video. Thanks to Rick Sebak and WQED 13
Click On Arrow To Visit KQV Video Pagee

Thanks to Uncle Ricky for opening the Jeff Roteman Collection in the
Reel Radio Top 40 Archives !  The 1975 KQV History of Radio in Real Audio
as well as a montage of KQV Jingles 1985 - 1975 was on the site.
Richard Irwin passed away June 7, 2018.
A classic episode of KQV's Turkeyman from the fall of 1974 is on line on the
KQV Aircheck Page. It is very large and will take a long time to download. 
The Family of Jay Davis is looking for items you may have kept from Jay's KQV days.  If anyone has any tape of Jay on the air, or pictures taken with Jay at an event, please contact me.  I will see that copies of your items are forwarded to his family. *** see the KQV memories section for more on this.
Relive KQV's Golden Era. Listen to KQV Jingles. Meet the KQVIPs. Learn the History Of KQV. Check out some other KQV and Radio web sites. Go to Photo Gallery 2 to learn how the KQV format was executed in the 70's.
KQV was owned by ABC during most of it's heyday and aired news from ABC Radio. On January 8, 1969, ABC News split into 4 separate demographic networks. KQV became part of the new American Contemporary Radio Network.
American Contemporary Radio

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