WLS Personality Album
Bob Sirott & Larry Lujack read WLS Personalty
Album on cover of Triad Magazine (1976)
WLS Personality Album
Clark Weber, Dex Card, Art Roberts, Ron Riley, Bernie Allen, Don Phillips
In 1967, WLS published the WLS Personality Album. Loaded with pictures and stories about the WLS personalities, it is a collectors item. Hope you enjoy this trip back to 1967 WLS.
WLS Personality Album

1. A Smash Or A Bomb
     General Manager Gene Taylor explains how tomorrow's tunes get rolling on WLS
2. Clark Weber
3. Bernie Allen
4. Dex Card
5. Ron Riley
6. Art Roberts
7. Don Phillips
8. Lots of Pictures
9. Weber vs Riley: The Feud
10. Peter Fugitive

The article above appeared in Billboard Magazine on May 13, 1967