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TOP 40 STATIONS OF THE 60's & 70's

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Brand New and Growing
Events in the history of WLS
in chronological order.
From the beginning to the end.

Congratulations to John Records Landecker
2017 National Radio Hall of Fame Inductee

Congratulations to John Gehron
2017 Conclave Rockwell Award Winner

Bob Benson
12/15/1942 - 1/29/2017
Former WLS News Director and Vice President of ABC News Bob Benson (Robert G. Bengtson) passed away on January 19, 2017. He had a long and distinguished radio career. Bob's career spanned many areas of Radio from disc jockey to covering news and sporting events to management. Of all the national and international events he attended and covered, he often said his most memorable moment was a private audience with Pope John Paul II.

John Harlan Rook
10/9/1937 - 3/1/2016
It is with great sadness that I pass this on from Charlie Van Dyke. Charlie reports that John Rook, former KQV and WLS program director has passed away. John passed away Tuesday 3/1. John was 78. He died in Coeur d'Alene, ID with his sister Dot and his adopted son Jason. There will be no funeral. Instead he will be cremated and his ashes spread in his beloved Coeur d'Alene. A memorial gathering for his friends will be organized in the near future. RIP John!

Thanks to Ken Justiss for providing the sonovox from for this WLS Pams Series 18 Jingle

Thanks to everyone for your support during 2015.
Here's an aircheck from WLS New Years Eve 1971 with JJ Jeffrey

From theCollection
This WLS Jingle Montage is from Starbrelz. It is fantastic. 
It is 17 minutes long. Enjoy!
WLS Jingle Montage
Here is another WLS Jingle Montage from Starbrelz. It covers the 
John Rook - Mike McCormick. It includes jingles from PAMS and Jodie Lyons. It is 25 minutes long. Enjoy!
WLS Jingle Montage
Here is another WLS Jingle Montage from Starbrelz. It covers the 
Tommy Edwards - John Gehrom Era. It includes jingles from PAMS, Sundance and Thunder. It is 15 minutes long. Enjoy!
Another WLS Jingle Montage

The Shamrock of Chicago - 1973
Charlie Van Dyke, Bill Bailey, Ted Anthony, Tommy Edwards

St. Patrick's Day 1976 - Bob Sirott and John Landecker

Jeff Davis in WLS Studio in 1979 on the first shift of combo operation.
WLS used a McCurdy board, Sennheiser mic, Koss Headphones.
The music was on cart. The cart machines were ITC SP.

Thanks to John Records Landecker for so many great years at
The Big 89 WLS and 94.7 WLS FM. You will be missed.

This WLS Video features PD John Rook from 1969

Chuck Buell & Kris Erik Stevens Nights on the Big 89
Courtesy of Chuck Buell 1969

Larry Lujack 1940 - 2013
Larry Lujack has passed away. Superjock died from cancer on December 18, 2013.
(photo courtesy Scott Childers) (click above for reactions from his friends and coworkers)
94.7 WLS - "The Dream Team"
On September 28, 2012, Cumulus Media senior VP Jan Jeffries announced a new lineup for 94.7 WLS. Brant Miler, Greg Brown, Fred Winston,  John Records Landecker, and Dick Biondi..Changes made in November 2013 include the addition of Tom Murphy.
John Records Landecker has written a book. "Records Truly Is My Middle Name"  The book is available through Eckhartz Press. Clik on the cover to the left for more information. If you love WLS and John Records Landecker, make sure you get your copy.

WLS fan Ken Laughlin of Des Plaines, Illinois sent us this photo of 2 WLS Silver Dollars he won from WLS from Clark Weber's "Say Something Bad about Riley" contest. They still have the stickers that were on them when he won. Does anyone else still have the ones they won from WLS? Ken wonders what the value may be. Recenlty (October 8, 2012) a 1925 Peace Silver Dollar with a WLS sticker sold on ebay for $43.01 
WLS had 2 personalities named Bill Bailey. The first came to WLS in 1969 and did mornings on WLS for only a short time before returning to Kentucky. Bill was known as "The Duke Of Louisville". Bill Bailey 1 came to WLS from WKLO and went to WAKY in his return. Bill (William Boahn) passed away on Saturday January 14, 2012 at the age of 81. He had lived in a nursing home for a number of years following a stroke.
The other Bill Bailey joined WLS from WWDJ in Hackensack, NJ in 1972 and worked evernings at WLS until 1974 working evenings. After WLS, Bill Bailey 2 went to WDRQ in Detroit. Bill's career started at Armed Forces Radio in Vietnam. Most recently Bill worked at WGVU Real Oldies in Grand Rapids Michigan. He passed away on Wednesday June 12, 2013.
There are a number of WLS videos on You Tube. Check out some WLS videos including jingles and contests on the WLS You Tube page. Thanks to all who worked so hard in putting these together.

On February 14th 1972, WLS personalities appeared on WLS-TV 7
Kennedy And Company with Bob Kennedy. This is a portion of that
program. (click above) This video clips it provided by The Museum
of Classic Chicago  Television and FuzzyMemories.TV

Over the years, WLS gave away a lot of great prizes...
including vacations, cars and homes, 
(click on the pictures below for more)
Walt Disney World in Florida
Brand New Homes
Instant Summer Trips to Acapulco
The David Innes Collection
The Rock of Chicago Poster published in
the early 70's by WLS featured WLS
Personalites and some of the biggest
artists of the time.
Can you name them all? 
Click on the poster and give it a shot.
This picture of a WLS T-Shirt was sent to me.
Can you name all of these WLS Personalities?

Top row... Dick Sainte, Chuck Knapp, Fred Winston, Charlie Van Dyke, and J.J. Jeffrey.
Front row... Bill Bailey and John Landecker.
Click on the picture to see a bigger version.
(Thanks to Scott Childers& Tommy Edwards for the correct names)

We are sorry to report the passing of former WLS Personality Jerry Kay in Seaside Oregon on Sunday September 25th of a heart attack.
   These comments from Pat O'Day. "Our old friend Jerry Kay passed away yesterday in Seaside Oregon.  He had become somewhat reclusive over the years as his health became marginal.  Suffered from diabetes, and genetic heart problems.  He was a neat guy and very funny on the air and off, I hired him out of Yakima high school in 1957.  His idol was Gary Owens and he did his hero proud as he incorporated G.O. into his own unique personality.  He was a key part of that dynamite KJR team of the early and mid sixties with Lan Roberts, Tom Murphy, Dick Curtis, Larry Lujack, Mike Phillips, and myself."
"Jerry was heard all nights on WLS during the John Rook years as program director." ... Pat O'Day
New pictures of Fred Winston are now on the Fred Winston Page Thanks to John Kelly for the photos from Fred's days at WFYR.
In 1993, Stew Salowitz published a book called "WLS Disc Jockeys of the Early 1960's."  There are a limited number of copies still available. The cost is $17.50. Click on the cover to the left for more details and ordering information.

Stew did a great job on this. Lots of great insights on the guys at WLS plus some details on some of their later careers after The BIG 89.

Check out Picture Page 6 for New Pics from John Rook as well as some studio shots from Ron Riley's Website.
Congratulations to long-time WLS personality Larry Lujack, a 2004 inductee into the Radio Hall of Fame. Way to go Superjock !

Larry Lujack Superjock Jingle

Former WLS Program Director John Rook is writing a book called "Passing Thru". Excerpts of the new book, plus other comments from John are now on line at
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