Society for the Preservation of Polyesters

How you can help

Everyone needs to do their part to help. Even small steps are necessary to ensure that no lives are lost and to give polyesters a chance to survive. Here are some things you can do in your life to ensure a safe environment for these loveable little creatures.

Add this button to your home page

Proudly display this handsome graphic to show the world that you are involved in the fight against the eradication of polyesters. The only thing we ask is that you add the following to your html:

<CENTER><A HREF=""><IMG SRC="polyesterlogo.gif" WIDTH="106" HEIGHT="106" BORDER=0 alt="Save the Polyesters"></A></CENTER>

Save the Polyesters

To download this image simply right click on it and choose the save as option. Do not link directly to this image at this site. We will track you down and reformat your hard drive!

Boycott the Textile Industry

The textile industry is the number one killer of polyesters. To show that you will not tolerate this , boycott them by not purchasing any polyester garments....that'll show 'em! (Be sure to check the labels closely.)

Go to Goodwill

Purchase all the polyester garments you can find (most known polyester garments are now found there). Take them home and bury them in your yard. They will disintegrate in the ground. This will not restore polysters to life, but it will purify the gene pool.

Clean out your wardrobe

Bury your stuff too. Aren't you ashamed to have these things in your closet now? They went out of style years ago and they're too small to wear anyway. What're ever going to fit into a size 6 again?

Don't Drive

Remember, it was the oil industry that caused the demise of the polyester population (read these pages in order to have them make any sense). Could you sleep at night after filling your tank?

Don't Paint

It is rumored that duPont isn't the only chemical company known to have experimented with polyesters in cruel and unusual ways. Paint is a chemical, Also, avoid using all other chemicals when possible.

Don't Clean

Again, don't use chemicals. A scrub brush(natural bristle), lye soap and water were good enough for your grandmother. But that's not good enough for you. Bachelors have had it right all along.

Don't Eat

All food we buy is laced with chemical preservatives. If you ever toured a canning factory you wouldn't eat anything from there anyway. Fresh game and veggies from your garden are OK. If you don't hunt or garden, roadkill is worth a try. Dieters, this will save you money, too (Richard Simmons is already cursing this organization).