Inside Pittsburgh Radio
In the early days of Top 40 Radio, it was difficult for for Top 40 stations to get any mentions in the newspapers.  At the end of 1959, KQV decided to write a series of advertisements that looked like newspaper article that appeared in the tv-radio section of Pittsburgh Newspapers.
Part One
11/23/59 Welcome To New Series by John Gibbs
11/25/59 Meet Larry Aiken by Chuck Dougherty
11/28/59 Why News at :55 ? by Keb Hildebrand
11/30/59 Meet Chuck Dougherty by Sam Holman
12/03/59 Meet John Teneglia by Bob Thompson
12/04/59 Meet Henry DaBecco by Dave Scott
Part Two
12/07/59 Meet Dave Scott by Larry Aiken
12/09/59 Meet Pie Traynor by Dave Scott
12/11/59 Who Listens to KQV ? by Bob Thompson
12/14/59 What's the Secret Word ? by John Gibbs
12/16/59 Meet Sam Holman by Henry DaBecco
12/18/59 Those Blue Cartridges ? by Fred Zellner
Part Three
12/21/59 Meet Johnny McKinney by Alan Boal
12/23/59 Meet a Lady Traffic Director by Bessie Berry
12/28/59 Meet Alan Boal by Ken Hildebrand
12/29/59 Dial-A-Score by Pie Traynor
01/01/60 Meet Bob Isler by Bob Fraker
01/04/60 Meet Bob McKee by Bill Jennings
Part Four
01/06/60 Meet Dick Drury by Johnny McKinney
01/08/60 Meet Peggy Maddock by Bessie Berry
01/11/60 Five Plus One Equals Fabulous by Sam Holman
01/13/60 Meet B.Z. Zint by Dick Drury
01/15/60 Meet the Money Man by Ed Tracey
01/18/60 Literally Thousands "Dial-A-Score" by Bob Prince
Part Five
12/31/59 Meet An Operator by Herman Schmidt
01/20/60 Why Does KQV Sound "Different" by Art Sterman
01/22/60 How Many People "Write-In" by John Murphy
01/25/60 The Man Behind the "Wax-To-Watch" by Walt Tyc
01/27/60 Meet Bob Freker by Bob Thompson
01/29/60 That Live, Fresh Sound by George Kleeb