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Welcome to Possum Hollow

Perry County Pennsylvania USA   

Redneck town where men are men and women are truly grateful. Inbreed. Inbred. Funny stuff. Parody. Satire. Trailer trash.
You've found us!
Thank GOD for the internet. Nobody has found us for over 80 years, 'cuz there are only 2 roads into Possum Hollow and both of them are marked One Way ..OUT! It's a little bit of trouble getting in, we back up the road 'cuz that's how the signs are pointing.

The Hollow usta be a happenin' place back at the turn of the last century when they were timbering out Penn's Woods. One of the last men out turned the sign around and nobody has visited here since. Check out the Map to help you get here.

So why would you want to visit Possum Hollow? Well, it's our History, of course. And the undisturbed beauty of the country. You might want to stop in at the diner to try some of the local vittles. Or, try one of the Recipes at home.
Many of the original buildings are still standing, the town hall, the speakeasy, a few houses including the Mayor's. I'm the Mayor. I don't have to get reelected 'cuz the womenfolk can't vote, they never got the word that women can vote. Mayor's house

hotel ULC church speakeasy grocery store

And we don't pay taxes 'cuz nobody knows we're here. All three of us.
We have the last hoop snakes left in the state. These nasty reptiles usta terrorize the residents of Western Perry County until my Grandpa rounded 'em up.

We make a good living here stealing gas out of the pipeline that runs over in the next hollow, and selling it to the gas station over in the nearest town. You can buy cheap cigarettes there too. Our moonshine (hooch) ain't bad either, big market for that out here in Perry County.

God Save Us We're a God fearing folk out here in the woods. Why, we take communion a couple of times a day. The Witnesses can't find us, thank GOD for that.

Possum Hollow photo gallery. Take the tour. Visit us soon!

Cheap retirement living in PA. Inexpensive houses, housing. Vacation here. What a dump! You know you're a redneck if ..
Possum Hollow
You really want to live here!

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