Where are your favorite KQV Personalities Today ?
That's a good question.  Many of them are out of radio and their whereabouts are unknown. Some of them are still in the business.  If you can help in tracking them down or can tell me where they are, please email me at ejjeff@pa.net
Timothy G Adams
After Timothy left KQV he went to WEEP and worked for Ed Salamon. He then went to WJJD in Chicago for a short time.  He spent some time in Pensacola, then returned to his home town of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Worked for (W)KLQ, EZ 105.7, and WMUS on the lakeshore.  He has been out of the business altogether since the early 2000's.  Timothy now owns assisted living and adult foster care homes.
Larry Aiken
Larry sold his concert promotions business in Evansville, Indiana to Jam Productions of Chicago and remains a consultant to Jam. In 2008 he retired from his position of Democratic Party chairman in Vanderburgh County, Indiana.  Larry passed away on Saturday February 13, 2010 at the age of 69 from long standing health problems.
Dex Allen
Dex Passed away May 5, 2018. He sold his last multi station compay in 2005.  Dex sold his last station in Glen Falls, NY to his partner in 2012.
Ira Apple
Ira was KQV's news director in 1973. In addition to KQV Ira's resume included KDKA, WBZ (Boston), WGSO (New Orleans) and WBAL (Baltimore). He was also an adjunct professor at Emerson College in Boston. In the mid-1980s, Mr. Apple became a sales manager for CBSI, a radio business software company. In the 1990s, he joined the Traffic Directors Guild of America as a liaison with executives of the state broadcaster associations. Ira Apple passed away on August 11, 2009.
Ron Asbury
Ron was a part-time member of the KQV news team from 1964 until 1970. He came to KQV from WHJB in Greensburg. In the 80's and 90's Ron was the general manager/ broadcast media advisor for at the University of Pittsburgh's office of student avtivities for the school's radio station WPTS. Ron is retired and now lives on his 12 acre "farm" in Cheswick where he and his wife Jan have gone "green" and plan to raise most of their food. He is doing well. (2015)
Dennis Benson
Dennis passed away on June 10, 2021 He was 85.
Steve Berger
Steve became General Manager of 13Q after leaving KQV and WDVE. Steve eventually became President of Nationwide Communications. After selling the company he retired to his home in Jamesport, NY. He went from a long and successful career as a broadcasting executive to becoming one of the most celebrated and admired photographers on the East End of Long Island. Steve passed away June 28, 2022. (March 12, 1944 - June 28, 2022)
Keeve Berman
Keeve passed away in a nursing home in Pembroke Pines, Florida on May 18, 2008 at the age of 71. After leaving KQV, Keeve was news director at WOR in New York and WTAE radio in Pittsburgh. Keeve spent 10 years as a news anchor at ABC's American Contemporary Radio.
Dick Blanchard
Dick worked in many places around the country, including Atlanta, Tampa, Orlando, Albany, Manchester and his last stint was Big Ways Radio in Charlotte N.C. He left radio in 1973 and went into the car business. He was sales manager at a car dealership in Boca Raton, Florida when he passed away due to cancer on August 6, 1986.
Alan Boal
Alan is now retired from radio and living in Pittsburgh. He is still active with AFTRA and remains on the local board of directors.
John Borders
John was KQV's program Director from December 1967 until September 1968. John started his career at KBEC in 1956. John sold his company, Sunburst Media. He passed away on March 30, 2016.
Chuck Brinkman
Chuck left KQV in October 1972 for WTAE in Pittsburgh. Chuck remained there until 1979 when he went to program KOGO in San Diego. Chuck returned to Pittsburgh as Program Director at WMYG-FM. Chuck left Pittsburgh to take the Program Director's job and Afternoon Drive Personality at KLUV in Dallas. Chuck left KLUV on December 28, 2005. Chuck worked for a while as afternoon man at Dallas adult standards station,
770 KAAM. Chuck remains in Texas where he is part owner of a local country station.
Chuck was elected to the Pittsburgh Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in March 2017. Chuck passed away August 24, 2018.
Bill Bruun
Bill is now doing mornings at WDRR, Dream 98.5 in Fort Myers, Florida.
Jim Carnegie
Jim, for 30 years was the President/CEO & Publisher of two daily national/ international media business E-newspaper publications and monthly magazines which concentrates on the news, business, of radio and television.  Radio Business Report and Television Business Report.  Among the executives in all phases of media and finance that depend on the information daily the publications on known by their call letters:  RBR and TVBR.  Headquartered in Alexandria, VA, Jim prefers the sunshine of Tampa, FL. Jim sold RBR in February, 2013 and began a radio consultancy business. www.jimcarnegie.com  Jim passed away of natural causes on July 25, 2016.
Todd Chase
Todd is retired and living in Florida. His company, The Neeck Trust, has invested in three radio stations in Alabama. He's also doing spots via the internet for the stations. (2/18/2015)
Porky Chedwick
Porky passed away on March 2, 2014. Porky remained active in Pittsburgh in radio and in clubs until shortly before his passing.
Jeff Christie
Jeff Christie was known by his real name Rush Limbaugh and was heard on more than 600 stations on the EIB Radio Network. Rush passed away from lung cancer on February 17, 2021.
Larry Clark
Larry was at KQV twice in the 70's. He spent some time at WZYQ in Frederick. Ed Salamon reports that Larry was at WEEP in 1975 and was PD there for a time. He later spent time at WMZQ in Washington D.C. He later left radio and ran a dry cleaning business in San Francisco. On December 9th, 2006 Larry passed away at the age of 62. The complete details are available at this link
Alton Crouch
Al is alive and well in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. After retiring a few years ago, he is now working as General Manager of TV/ Media Relations for Bethany World Prayer Center a church in Baton Rouge.
Henry DaBecco
After leaving KQV, Henry went on to WRYT (WTAE), and later became a booth announcer at Henry WTAE-TV 4. Henry suffered a stroke and spent the rest of his time in an assisted living center in Pittsburgh. Henry DaBecco passed away from cancer on March 30, 2005 at the age of 79.
Jay Davis
Jay passed away in Pittsburgh in 1992. 
Bob DeCarlo
Bob is now living in Florida. Bob and his wife sold his McDonalds Restaurants. Bob most recently was the morning host and program director at WPBC-FM, B 95.1 in Panama City, Florida. Bob is retired from radio. 
Allen Dennis
Allen Dennis spent most of his career in Tennessee. A number of his years were in Nashville, Tennessee at WSM-AM. In January 2003, Allen was let go in a major station shakeup. Allen Dennis passed away on March 14, 2012. Allen was inducted in to the Tennessee Radio Hall Of Fame in 2013. 
Chuck Dougherty
Chucky from Kentucky was one of the first hires at KQV when the top 40 format was put in place in 1958. Chuck hosted mornings and was Program Director. Chuck was at KQV from 1958-1960. Chuck came to KQV from WQAM in Miami. After Pittsburgh Chuck went to WKWK in Wheeling. Chuck's career included stops at WIP, WNEW, WPEN, WGST and WLW. Chuck left radio in 1980 and owned a number of Tuxedo shops for the next 15 years. Chuck passed away at the age of 93 in Naples, Florida on January 20, 2015.
Dick Drury
Dick joined KQV in January 1960 for afternoons. Dick replaced Chuck Dougherty as KQV's Program Director. In July, 1961 Dick left KQV for WIL St.Louis. Dick also spent time at KGB in San Diego among others. Dick has passed away.
Carl Eckles
Carl is now living in Malvern, Ohio and is retired. Carl says "I own investment property in suburban Cleveland but am no longer active on a day to day basis. Lots of hobbies and two grandchildren keep my wife and me busy. We live on a private lake Southeast of Canton, Ohio and love to watch the seasons change."  (1/2015)
Roy Elwell
Roy spent many years working in Los Angeles after leaving KQV.  He is now retired and living in Santa Monica, California.
Joe Fenn
Joe is originally from Akron, Ohio. He came to Pittsburgh in the fall of 1971. After 3 years on the WDVE side, he moved over to KQV in 1974. Joe remains in Pittsburgh. He retired from KQV where he was the afternoon news anchor in December, 2017.
Kevin Fennessy
Kevin passed away after suffering a stroke in August, 2017. His career included stops in New York, Philadelphia, Buffalo, Rochester, Baltimore, Harrisburg and Florida. He was Program Director at WKBO and WFIL among others.
Franklin B Forbes
Franklin spent many years in Harrisburgh radio using the name Bob Alexander. He did mornings at WKBO and WHP. Today he is retired and lives in Harrisburg
John Terrence Galanses
John was the original Franklin B Forbes. John came to KQV from Youngstown, Ohio where he worked as John Terry. He was only at KQV as Franklin B.Forbes and decided to return to Ohio. He passed away April 15, 2022.
Jim Gearhart
Jim has retired from WKXW, New Jersey 101 in Trenton NJ in 2015. He was morning host for 25 years. Jim's career included WFIL in Philadelphia and WNBC in New York.
Gary Gears
Gary passed away February 15, 1991 from a heart attack in Chicago. Gary had a very successful career in Chicago at WLS and WCFL as well as CHUM in Toronto.
John Gibbs
John Gibbs passed away on March 25, 2003. More on the life of John Gibbs can be found on the John Gibbs page.
Walt Golden
Walt retired from KQV's news team in August, 2013 He joined KQV in 1975. (1/2015)
Bill Green
Bill owns an advertising agency in Pittsburgh, William J. Green and Associates. Bill also serves as a political analyst for WPXI-TV. Bill passed away January 16, 2022.
Mel Hall
Mel returned to San Diego in 1966 after his last radio job, PD at KRLA and established Cinira Corp., a film production company and broadcast creative service for radio and original music. Mel retired in 2000. Mel passed away after having a stroke while completing a round of radiation treatments on October 10, 2011.
Bob Harper
Bob left KQV for WKBW in Buffalo. He was also station manager at WERE and WGCL in Cleveland. He was also Director of Programming, Stereo Rock syndication, TM Programming, Dallas, TX. (138 stations, nationwide), Partner, General Manager, WKHQ & WVOY, New Broadcasting Co., Charlevoix, MI., and V.P., Research and AC-Oldies Programming, Noble Broadcast Group, San Diego, CA., Owner, Bob Harper & Company Research & Consulting, San Diego, CA, Dallas, TX, Lake Tahoe, NV.
Bob sold Keystone Focus Research, a research and consulting company to Paragon Media Strategies in February 2007.  Bob lives in Minneapolis and does some consulting work on the side.
George Hart
George passed away in March of 1993.
Captain Bob Harvey
Bob passed away from ug cancer May 27, 2020 at the age of 75 in Pittsburgh.
Derek Hill
Derek has been in Chicago for more then 20 years. He still does radio but worka full time for HUD.
Lynn Hinds
Lynn is the author of Broadcasting the Local News: The Early Years of KDKA, and The Cold War As Rhetoric: The Beginnings, 1945-1950. Lynn retired in the May of 2005. Lynn was a Professor of Communication at Drury University in Springfield, Mo. before his retirement. Lynn passed away at his home in Fredericksburg, Va. on April 5, 2014.
Sam Holman
Sam passed away in Las Vegas in 1986. Sam also worked at WLS in Chicago and WABC New York. He was also part of the original airstaff at 13Q.
Peter Jackson
(Dick Grimes)
Dick passed away October 29, 1998 after surgery for a hernia.  Dick worked at KQV, WEEP, 13Q and WIXZ.  I worked with Dick at WRUA in the 80's.
Dave James
Dave has retired after many years at KDKA Radio. He continues to live in the Pittsburgh area.
Lou Janis
After leaving KQV and WMCK, Lou gave up work on the air and continued with "DJ" work at dances around town.  He joined a management consulting company, learned the business and started his own firm, and had a successful 30-year career. About 5 years ago, Lou and his wife moved to Florida. After a year or two of "retirement", Lou's gone back to consulting.  Lou and his partners have started a new company, ProVantage Consulting Group, specializing in small to medium sized companies.
Claudia Jarvis
While Claudia Jarvis was not one of the personalities we grew up listening to, if you called the KQV switchboard in the early 1970's, Claudia's voice was the voice that greated KQV listeners and clients every day on the phone. Claudia was always bright and pleasant. She also worked at 13Q and KDKA after KQV. Claudia has since passed away, but will always be remembered by those who knew her.
Bill Jennings
After leaving KQV, in 1971, Bill became somewhat disenchanted with broadcasting.  In a 'complete change of direction' the twenty-year broadcast veteran, and alum of the Boston Conservancy, chose to become a journeyman carpenter. Residing in Pittsburgh, he continued in that vocation until he retired shortly before his death in early 2003 of cancer.
Al Julius
Al passed away on June 28, 2002 from lung cancer at the age of  73. Al spent many years at KDKA after returning to Pittsburgh.
Marsha Kniceley
(Casey Forbes)
After leaving KQV, Marsha spent some time at Joey Reynolds' old haunts, 11- 7 radio in Lakewood NJ (WHLW). She also spent some time in New York at WNBC. Her career included Motor Sports Network in NJ. Marsha now lives in Pinehurst, N.C.
Don Kobiela
For years Don was one of the premier voiceover specialists in the country. You've heard Don as the signature voice of MTV, NOVA, the Sci Fi Channel, Wall St. Journal, and Prego Sauce among others. Don is now retired.
Bob Kopler
Bob retired as the morning news anchor at KDKA Radio in Pittsburgh in 2008. Bob also worked at WTAE Radio after leaving KQV. Bob passed away on December 10, 2019.
Tom Lee
Tom went on to WTAE (as Tom Lyons) and WPNT-FM and WEDO in Pittsburgh.  He went to the west coast to KOGO in San Diego. Tom also worked at KCEE in Tuscon, KEZL in Sand Diego and KSPA in Escondido before retiring in 1996. Tom moved to Grove City, Pa. He passed away on October 16, 2011.
Elaine Leaphart
Elaine retired as a member of KQV's news team at the end of 2017. She is now Elaine Effort.
Anderson Little
Anderson passed away on June 4, 2006 at his Pittsburgh home. In addition to KQV Anderson, also worked at WAMO-FM, WAMO-AM and WQED-TV. In 1972, WDUQ-FM at Duquesne University hired him to work with students and develop a community affairs voice.Anderson Little was most recently known for producing "The Anderson Little Report," which aired on WDUQ each Sunday. Anderson Little was 66 years old.
Jim Lloyd
Jim Lloyd was a former interim pd at KQV in 1973-1974. His real name was James J Maura Jr. He worked at WCAU-TV in Philadelphia doing voice over work. He passed awat on July 28, 2010.
Steve Lohle
Steve passed away on June 20, 2008 of an apparent heart attack. Steve joined KQV in 1974 and remained their throughout the KQV All News Format until his death.
Hank Mann
Is now former Channel 11 newsman Hank Baughman. He spent many years at WSHH in Pittsburgh. Hank is now retired and lives in the Greensburg area. (1/2015).
Perry Marshall
Perry went to KDKA after leaving KQV. Perry spent his retired years living in Mt. Lebanon. He passed away on November 5, 2011. He was 86 years old.
Tom Martin
Tom left KQV just as it was being sold to Taft, to become a member of the founding staff, as morning anchor, of AP-Radio (now AP Network News) in Washington. (1974-81) He then left for the afternoon drive anchor slot on  RKO II Radio Network News in New York. In 1990. When The Gulf War (I) broke out, ABC recruited Tom for a temporary war-coverage network. Tom then became a "utility anchor," rotating among ABC's various networks as needed. At the same time, he was afternoon drive news anchor at WABC-NY as well as Paul Harvey's vacation stand-in. In 1995 Tom returned to his home state of Kentucky and an opportunity to develop a format concept on local radio (WVLK). Tom Also served as Press Secretary for Kentucky's Lieutenant Governor, Steve Henry. Tom Martin LLC is a pubic relations company in Lexington Kentucky.
Jolly Jim McLaughlin
Jim founded the advertising agency McLaughlin, DelVecchio & Casey in New Haven Connecticut in 1972. He is now retired. He served as a first selectman in Durham, Ct in the the 2000's. (11/2014)
Mike McCormick
Mike's resume includes WLS, WIFE, WDGY, KOIL, and KAUM and others. Mike retired ot his home in Austin Texas. Mike passed away on January 26, 2018.
Johnny McKinney
Johnny finished his radio career in Phoenix.  Johnny passed away a couple of years ago in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Rex Miller
Rex left KQV in 1968. He has had a number of horror stories and books published over the years. His bibliography includes 1 novel, "Saint Louis Blues", A series of books,  Slob, Frenzy, Profane Men, Stone Shadow, Iceman, Slice, Chaingang, Butcher, and Savant. Rex spent his last few years living in a nursing home near St. Louis following a stroke. Rex Miller died June 6, 2004 following a heart attack.
Bobby Mitchell
Aka Ron Hughes was employed by the Department of Transportation /FAA at the Farmingdale Flight Standards District Office in NY State. He retired August 1, 2017
Johnny Mitchell
A number of people have used the name Johnny Mitchell over the years (including KQV's Kris Stevens). KQV's Johnny Mitchell is Hal Buckner. He worked in Salt Lake City and Denver before coming to KQV. Johnny spent time in Salt Lake City at KCPX from 1972-73. He is retired and living in Hawaii.
Emperor Hal Murray
Hal passed away in September 1988 in Florida. Hal was 67.
John O'Malley
John left KQV for AP Radio in Washington, D.C.  From there, 3 years at an ABC affiliate television station in Toledo. John returned to Pittsburgh as morning newscaster and news director of WEEP - WDSY. He has since changed careers and worked with the Pittsburgh Post Gazette in Circulation until his retirement in 2013. (1/-2015)
"Weird Beard" CharlIe Peterson
CharlIe passed away on April 2, 2012. He and his wife lived in Pittsburgh after he retired. He enjoyed photography. After KQV, he also served ABC as program director at WXYZ in Houston. Charlie was program director at KDKA 1971 - 1972 and WWSW from 1972 - 1976.  He worked in Cleveland as pd for a short time at WJW. He later returned to KQV and worked in sales.
Mel Phillips
Mel had been working in the Programming Dept. at WCBS-FM until August of 2004. Mel has started a blog, Mel Phillips Remembers.
Jim Quinn
After leaving KQV, Jim spent many years in Buffalo. Since his return to Pittsburgh, Jim also worked at 13Q, WTAE and B-94 and WRRK. In January of 2004, Jim moved his show to WPGB-FM.  Quinn's sydicated show on WPGB ended on November 15, 2013 when he was unable to reach a contarct agreement with the station. He is now heard on-line by subscription.
Joey Reynolds
Joey was the overnight host on WOR-AM in New York for many years. He lives in New York City. 
Big Steve Rizen
Steve spent a short time at WJAS after leaving KQV and also did the Channel 11 game show "Give It A Whirl". Steve spent some time at WINZ in Miami in 1970. Steve lived in Houston, Texas, where he spent eight years teaching algebra, geometry, trig, and calculus, high-end physics and chemistry in Houston schools. He said "It turns out I'm rather gud att it.  (But I doughn't spel all tht gud.)  I'm best in physics because it uses all that other stuff." Steve passed away on March 22, 2011.
Rod Roddy
Rod passed away on October 27, 2003 at the age of 66. Rod had suffered from colon and breast cancer. Rod had been the is the announcer for CBS-TV's 'The Price Is Right' for 17 years. Rod also worked at legendary KOMA in Omaha and KLIF in Dallas. Rod was the announcer on ABC-TV's Soap in the 80s.
John Rook
John's career after Pittsburgh includes some of the finest stations in America. John programmed WLS and WCFL. He also consulted WABC, KTLK, KIMN, WHYI, KROY, KRBE, WGCL, KFI and KQBC among others. John sold his radio stations in the Northwest in 1998. He lives in Idaho. John is now writing a book called "Passing Thru." John created the Hit Parade Hall of Fame. (1/2015)
Joel Rose
Joel went on to have a long career in TV news in Ohio including 16 years at WEWS-TV. He committed suicide in Cleveland in August of 2002.
Mark Schaefer
Mark remained with KQV after the format change. He retired in the early 1990's and remained in the Pittsburgh area in Allison Park. Mark passed away on February 26, 2010. He was 84.
"Daddy" Dave Scott
Dave passed away in Pittsburgh in December of 1996.
Greg Scott
Greg passed away in the late 1980s.
Don Shafer
Don was KQV production man in the mid 60's. He also was program director at WTAE radio. His career took him to New York's WNBC as well. 
Rick Shaw
Rick passed away June 22, 1998.  Rick had been in San Francisco since leaving KQV in 1974. He had been the mid-day host at KIOI.  Rick was 53.
Ed Sherlock
Ed owns 1190 WSDE in Cobleskill, N.Y. He most recently was the the general manager of 1230 WCRO in Johnstown, Pa. Ed sold his interest in WBXQ-FM in Cresson Pa and WBRX-FM in Patton, Pa. in 2004.
Carolyn Smith
Carolyn went on to ABC News and was director of Polling and headed ABC News's election coverage for a number of years. She is now retired and living in Florida.
Billy Soule
Billy was one of the last voices heard on KQV when the station switched from music to news. Along with George Hart, Billy worked the final music shift.  Billy worked at WAKC in Akron. After WAKC was sold to PAX-TV in 1996, Billy resigned his position and began his own entertainment media consulting firm, The Billy Soule Company. He worked on many projects for local organizations and businesses and was a special consultant to the City of Akron.  In 2003, he coordinated local voter campaign initiatives and was a campaign coordinator during the reelection of Akron's incumbent mayor.  In February of 2004, Billy was named Assistant to the Mayor for Community Relations.  Billy and his wife Brenda reside in Akron, Ohio. They are the parents of three grown children and are proud grandparents of seven. He is retired and lives in Florida.
Gerry Spinn
Gerry was KQV's Program Director in 1962 and 1963. In December, 1965, he was the first Program Director at WIXY 1260 in Cleveland. Gerry passed away in November 2002 at the age of 69.
Kris Stevens
Kris owns Kris Stevens Enterprises and lives in Calabasas California. He provides voice work for many radio stations around the country. He also is one of the voices for the Fox Television Network. 
Jon Summers
Jon's radio career after KQV includes WEAM, 10 years at WKBW, a return to Pittsburgh to WTAE and WPNT in the 80's, as well as a return to Buffalo at WBEN, WBUF and WECK. Jon is retired after working at WKBW-TV, In 2017 heretured to radio at WECK-AM in Buffalo.
Lee Vogel
Lee left KQV for WAMP in Pittsburgh in 1959. Lee spent time at CKEY in Toronto, WKBW Buffalo, WDRC in Hartford, WNBH in New Bedford, Mass, in Baltimore, and WBNY in Buffalo. He worked in public relations for the Niagara Project and then worked for the city of Buffalo before retiring in 1994. He passed away in Charleston, South Carolina on August 28, 2016.
Harry West
Harry passed away of September 27, 2019 in Bridegeville, Pa. He was 89.
Bill Western
Bill has spent much of his career in Denver since leaving KQV. He currently is doing morning drive on the Jones Satellite net's Classic Country.  He is also chief broadcast engineer for the AARP, Washington, DC.
Wendy Williams
Wendy is living and working in State College Pa.  After spending 15 years as the morning drive host at WRSC, he retired in 1971 to the real estate business. He does free- lance work and has been the announcer for the Pa. PBS show "The Pennsylvania Game". While in Pittsburgh, Wendy was one of the original programmers of KQV-FM.
Bob Wilson
Bob passed away in Pittsburgh on April 25, 2015.
Fred Winston
Fred spent his career after KQV in Chicago. Fred was heard on WLS as well as WCFL, WMAQ, WFYR, and WPNT among others. Fred is currently living Chicago. Fred most recently was afternoon host at oldies WJMK in Chicago. He went to WLS-FM 94.7 in Chicago and retired on April 3, 2013.
Bob Wood
Bob was program director at KQQL-FM, KOOL 108 in Minneapolis until the end of 2004. He is now living in Austin Texas. Bob has started a blog, The Bob Blog. He does free lance voice work. (2/2018) 
World Famous
Gerald Jeffrey Kristafer Jr was the morning host at WRDC-FM in Hartford Connecticut for many years before leaving in October 2013. He started hosting the morning show at WJMJ, the FM Catholic radio station operated by the Archdiocese of Hartford.
Byron Zint
'BZ' is now retired and living in Evansville, Indiana. He stayed in Radio until 1973 and continued to do voice work for a number of years.
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